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Customer Testimonials

  • 2004 Mystic Blue M3
    Simply put, Jeff is awesome! I drove straight up after work on a Friday from DC to Long Island and he waited until 7PM for me to arrive at the dealer. Once he went over all the details of the car, we went for a test drive and he even offered to fix the minor issues with the car for the price we had negotiated over the phone. I took delivery of the car the following Monday and have enjoyed every minute of owning the car. He has a great inventory and he's a man of his word! Best, Matt

  • Bought 2006 M3
    These guys are great, straight forward and trustworthy. Location is a little far away, but worth the trip. Got the car in great shape with only 12K miles on it. It's been more than a month, the car drives great. Thanks.
    George, Upstate NY      2006 Imola Red convertible M3 with only 12k miles.

  • Bought and sold
    Sight unseen purchase
    2002 White M3 Coupe

    I purchased a very good condition E46 M3 Coupe from Jeff this past summer sight unseen. Was very satisfied with the M3 I received. Jeff found out I had my car up for sale recently (Ill be upgrading to a GTR or R8) and offered to buy it back pretty much almost for what I paid for it. Both transactions were very seamless and Jeff does what he tells you he's going to do. I have confidence and trust in dealing with Jeff for future purchases.
    Thanks Richard G. (Rochester NY)

  • A great experience
    2003 E46 M3 BMW

    After spending a brief time without a BMW, I decided it was time to get back into an M3 for good. This was going to be tricky as I was more than a little upside-down at the time. After seeing an Alpine White 2003 on the Hampton Exotics site, I decided to give it a shot. To say that this was an exceptional buying experience is an understatement. From our first conversation, Jeff was not only very helpful and informative, but he also seemed genuinely interested in helping me to get back into an M3. After patiently helping me to get my finances, and financing, in order, Jeff gave me an offer on my trade that was more than fair and when he stuck to that number, even when a few issues turned up, I knew I had come to the right place. I have the utmost respect for the manner in which I was treated, right from the start, at Hampton Exotics and I plan to say "thank you" with not only this testimonial, but also by referring others and being sure to see Jeff for any other things my "new" baby may need in the future. Dave - Staten Island

  • 2006 Interlagos Blue ZCP M3
    2006 Interlagos Blue ZCP M3
    I have been a BMW-oholic ever since April 1992, the day I let the clutch of a 1990 e30 rise from the floor. I was gone. Since then, I have also owned a 1995 E36 325i vert, a 1999 E36M vert, a 2003 E46 330i and most recently a 2004 ZHP. All very capable cars in their own right. However, I was always in search of that feeling I had way back in April of 1992. Through the years, driving these cars, reading about these cars and talking about these cars to anyone interested in listening, I became convinced that "the car," my "unicorn," was a low mileage 2006 Interlagos Blue ZCP M3. I had been looking on and off for a year or so when I came upon a 2006 Interlagos Blue ZCP M3 being advertised by Hampton Exotics. At first, I was very wary about purchasing such a car from dealer as I always had much better luck going the private party route. After many discussions with my wife and fear of losing this M3, I decided to call Hampton Exotics and inquire about this incredible example. I must admit that I was very pleasantly surprised. I E-Mailed and spoke to Jeff numerous times and finally met him and the M3 out in West Hampton. When I arrived, I spied this gem sitting in the front of Jeff's showroom. After some small talk, I got in and was transported back to 1992 and I knew I had found the "one." Well, in reality Jeff found the car and made it available to me. After that, Jeff made the transaction very easy and smooth. Significantly, Jeff was very easy to deal with, honest, answered all my questions and followed up with respect to all the finer points of the sale and registration process. There was no hard sell, no talking to people in other offices, it was just Jeff. Indeed, it was quite refreshing. For anyone looking for such a car, Jeff has numerous beautiful M3s in West Hampton. Oh, and by the way, the near perfect 2006 Interlagos Blue M3 now sitting in my garage is truly the epitome of the perfect driving experience.
    Derrick Long Island, New York

    I recently purchased a pristine Audi Q7 from Jeff. From day one his communication with me has been phenomenal. I am a car fanatic and asked him to take several close up pictures of the vehicle, and he always within minutes sent them. I could not ask for a more receptive and helpful car automotive professional to work with. He returned each and every text, call, and e-mail with in a timely manner and always asked if there was anything else he could do for me. I asked him if there was any way that he could contact the previous buyer for me and ask him a few questions about his former vehicle. I know that is not the norm for most people, once they dump a vehicle off at a dealership it out of sight out of mind. He told me how meticulous the previous owner was and I asked him to give the owner my contact information and let the previous owner decide to contact me back. I was so excited to speak with this person regarding his truck and what he had done to it. This man also purchased a vehicle from Jeff, and raved about how low pressure, and honest he felt Jeff was throughout the entire process. I knew than that I was going to trust Jeff with my online purchase. He made every aspect of this purchase as easy and pain-free as it could be. The vehicle arrived with a slight scuff on the rubber fender molding and I contacted Jeff and he asked me to try a couple things to see if it would rub out, and if not to call him back. I tried everything and the scuffs remained. I looked up the part number and e-mailed it to him the next day. Within hours I received an e-mail from him showing that the parts were paid for by him and on the way. That says a lot for a man and his business practices in today's market. I plan on doing more business with him in the future and all I can say is, if you are on the fence about buying a vehicle from him, take the leap off and BUY IT. I promise you won't regret it. I researched the heck out of my vehicle and his price was more than competitive, but it is his level of service before, during, and after the sale that sets him apart from all of the other fly by night internet dealers.
    Mark from Michigan

  • 2003 M3 Six Speed Coupe
    2003 M3 Six Speed Coupe with 11K miles!

    I was very particular about the M3 I was looking for and conducted an extensive search. Purchased my vehicle from m3dealer.com Their inventory had a number of clean low mileage M3's to choose from. Jeff was very good to deal with, straight up, patient, helped arrange PPI and transport. My M3 was just as advertised. A good experience. CM Toms River, NJ

  • NYC customer

    Purchased an 06  E46 M3 in immaculate condition!

    My name is Mark and I am a long time Auto Enthusiast. I spend a lot of time buying, selling, modifying and playing with cars. I have owned more than my fair share of automobiles however  I still have a great deal of apprehension and anxiety when working with a new dealer or sales person but before I get into that I wanted to share my story on how Jeff and I cross paths.

    I owned an e46 M3 (2006) in the past and I sold it with only 16k miles on it. I hopped around into different vehicles and nothing really filled the void so I decided it was time to revisit the M3. After several months of searching I stumbled across one that Hampton Exotics / M3Dealer.com had on their lot. This particular M3 was everything I was looking for so I contacted Jeff the moment I saw the listing. As I stated earlier I have a bit of anxiety and apprehension when working with a new sales person but my nerves were quickly put at ease after a few emails and a brief visit. We developed a rapport and understanding of what we both expected and effortlessly came to an agreement on purchase price.

    Jeff went above and beyond what any other sales person has done for me in the past. He provided me with maintenance records, repair history, paint meter readings, and saved me a trip to the DMV and for this I am truly grateful.

    There are many ways to say thanks but in my opinion the two best ways are referrals and a positive review/testimonial. That is why I am writing this and looking forward to doing more business in the near future.

    Thanks again for everything and would like to say best of luck and continued success in the years to come.

    -Mark, N.Y.C.

    "Satisfied Customer"

  • happy customer
    Pleasure doing business with Jeff at Hampton Exotics LLC. Very easy to deal with,knowledgeable,answered all my questions and requests.
    Being an enthusiast himself,there's nobody better to deal with when buying an M3.
    2006 BMW M3 Competition Package.
    Queens NY.

  • Buying an M3 from 1200 miles away
    (Buying an M3 from 1200 miles away)

    Working with Hampton Exotics and Jeff was great! Professionalism was evident and for a first time internet buyer of a car this was important to me to in my effort to ease my concerns of somehow being defrauded. Jeff's cooperation and understanding of my need to minimize transaction risk was much appreciated. Then when the car arrived it was as well maintained as Jeff had described with no negative surprises. Jeff went out of his way to accommodate me and patiently addressed all of my question/concerns. Overall a great transaction experience and a great car."         Charles from Louisiana

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